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I'm 9 feet tall (really 6' 5"), 400 pounds. I have a reptile eye, a pair of wings. a forked tongue, a pair of horns. whenever I sneeze or cough, acid flies out. my bones are as tough as steel, and skin just as thick. I don't talk much, I have sharp teeth. I'm a video game fanatic, and If you look in my closet, I promise you won't find corpses of Knights in shining armor.

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ZeedMillenniummon Stamp. by Teen-Zetsu

No one really cares, but I'm enjoying myself.

So, my backstory is that I was abducted by an alien race and was experimented on for about a week, turning me into a dragon/human hybrid. I broke out and being that I'm someone with a heart of gold, I tried merely requesting to be taken back to earth, instead of murdering everyone aboard, which I could have done. But they do not have a heart. That or they did think I was trying to kill them. They sent me back in time to the middle ages with a message: "Let your urge for murder out on anyone who gets in your way." Not wanting to go around and just kill everyone around me, I raided various stores and got some supplies and went to a cave outside the city. Apparently, simple store raiding is enough to warrant death, because two days later, a couple knights came up to my cave, fully decked out in armor and swords, and reluctantly walked in. I watched them from the shadows, knowing that it was them or me. Right when they got to the stuff that I stole, I pounced. The screams didn't haunt me for as long as I thought they would. With nothing better to do with them, I took their armor and swords for trophy's and cooked them over a fire. It was during this time that I realized that physical changes weren't the only things that was experimented on. I should be ashamed for murder, even if it was self-defense, but here I was roasting them and ready to eat them! I could only await the next bunch of knights or whatever they send at me, and see if I can find my way back home...
  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: WTF Belzebass
  • Reading: What I'm writing
  • Watching: TV's not on
  • Playing: Immortal Empire
  • Eating: Strawberries
  • Drinking: Lava

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